On a trip across Moldova, Bertrand discovered Mileștii Mici – the largest wine cellars in the world.
Ever since, those 200 kilometers of underground galleries have haunted him day and night. Knowing Bertrand as a talented videographer, Anthony came up with the idea of creating a documentary about Moldovan wine – symbol and glory of this country. This is how the project of capturing their journey from Besançon, France, all the way to the Moldovan capital Chișinău, while passing through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania came to life.

This movie intends to be an ode to history and authenticity, to flavors and aromas: an initiatory journey across Europe to the very heart of the tradition of wine.



Along the Danube

Both from Besançon, France, Anthony and Bertrand naturally chose this city as the starting point of their journey. 

During this journey leading them to Mileștii Mici, Anthony and Bertrand will showcase the particularities of unique wine estates: unusual locations, ancestral legends, out of the ordinary crops, …

Danube will guide their steps. It begins its course in the Black Forest in Germany, at some dozens of kilometers of their trip’s starting point, and spills into the Black Sea, 2800 km further East, not far from Moldova.

Since ancient times, this river has been of great importance for winemaking: it facilitated wine trade in Europe and favored the cultivation of vines on its banks, thanks to topographic variety, good exposure to sunlight and high quality of soil.

Bertrand and Anthony rely on an extensive work of research and on local contacts in the countries they will travel to, to plan their perfect itinerary.

The movie will feature this unknown part of Europe though unprecedented and spectacular images.

A true love story

Bertrand & Moldova

Moldova – a small, little-known country, situated between Romania and Ukraine, draws its influences from both European and Russian cultures. Since his very first stay, back in 2011, Bertrand has fallen in love: Moldovan traditions, arts and crafts, music, cuisine… all of these charmed and inspired him.

Little by little, Bertrand immersed himself into the warm atmosphere of this microcosm. He discovered the archeological site of Orheiul Vechi, Moldovan ethno-music festivals and tasted the delicious local pastries „plăcinte“.

His passion led him to feature the “Gustar” music festival in a dedicated video clip, of which images have been later used by the organizers to advertise the next editions. Also, Bertrand has been interviewed by the well-known web-journal “locals.md” about this impression of Moldova. Later on, he met Vika Mahu – a famous Moldovan singer living in Besançon, for whom he produced the music video „ Băsmăluţa“, that has been broadcasted on Moldovan television. This gave him the occasion to introduce himself and his work, in 2015, on local television and radio sets, thus becoming once and for all adopted by the Moldovans.

Vika mahu on our soundtrack

Vika will honor us by actively participating in the creation of the original soundtrack of the movie.

A renown singer with an extraordinary voice, Vika inherited her passion for music from her mother. After having taken her first steps as member of the Moldovan music band “Millenium” (called at that time “La Classe des Vedettes”), she recorded her first solo album as Victoria Oteea, in collaboration with Igor Dânga, the producer of the famous band Zdob şi Zdub.

Most of her repertoire is in Romanian language. However, her last album also includes songs in French and English.